YNEPF Winter Open Powerlifting Championships

Last weekend (17-18th November), ASC sent a handful of athletes to the YNEPF Open.

(Videos&Pictures to come)

First up;

Andy Plant, lifting as a u105kg M1 had a great day of lifting, despite suffering from a small quad tear just 2 weeks before competition.

Andy managed a 165kg squat (7.5kg PB), 152.5kg Bench Press (5kg PB) and 185kg Deadlift (15kg PB), for a 502.5kg Total, 27.5kg PB and enough to qualify him for the British Masters Championships next year.

Next: Guest ASC Athlete Aaron Hull. Aaron is not an ASC client, however is a good friend and so we helped him out on the day. He managed a huge 280kg Squat, 210kg Bench Press and 300kg Deadlift to win the 105kg class with a 790kg total. Impressive lifting!

On Sunday, it was the ladies’ turn.

First up; Tree Grennan, a now experienced lifter, returning to compete just 4 weeks after her last competition. Tree managed a 75kg Squat (5kg PB), 42.5kg Bench (narrowly missing out on 47.5kg) and finally hit that milestone 100kg Deadlift (7.5kg PB), 217.5kg total (10kg PB), huge lifting by Tree!


Tree competed as a M2 lifter in the u63kg class.

Last but not least; Rachael Atkinson, one of our coaches.

In her first full British Powerlifting competition, Rachael performed in spectacular fashion, hitting a 100kg Squat (12.5kg PB), 70kg Bench press (2.5kg PB) and 145kg Deadlift (15kg PB), for a 315kg total and a huge 30kg PB!!!


With a close battle to the end, Rachael took 3rd place in the very competitive u72kg class, despite weighing in at only 66kg.

Brilliant competition, very well run by the YNEPF guys and all at Eggborough!