Rainhill Trials week 8 recap.

W/C - 13/05/19

Hardest workout:

Bike test - 10 mins max cals. I improved on my last test by 5 calories, which is also around 40 cals more than the first time I attempted this in January. My average heart rate for these tests are in the high 180’s…

Also PB’d my 2km row by 19 seconds, at the end of a session. (3x2k 2’ rest)

Most fun workout:

There were two.

1) STOH x 5, Deadlift x 10, Box jump x15 (50kg/60cm)

  • 1 round, rest 1 min

  • 2 rounds, rest 1.30

  • 3 rounds, rest 2.00

  • 4 rounds

I expected this to be hard work, surprisingly I did the whole thing unbroken, I think the only way to have gone quicker would’ve been if I jumped back off the box rather than stepping down.

2) Burpees…

I never thought I would see ‘480 burpees’ as a workout and think -

Ah, good, an easy one this morning…

I put some music on, and just got on with it, nice and steady, keeping my heart rate around 70%.

Biggest mistake :

Weightlifting - I managed 77.5 kg snatch, my PB is 81. I should’ve attempted 81.5 or something, but missed 82.5 repeatedly.

Biggest win:

PB 2km Row.

PB 10min max cal bike test.

January - 104

February - 112.08 + 8.08

March - 126.99 + 14.91

April - 136.09 + 9.07

May - 141.61 + 5.52

+37.61 since the beginning of the year.

PB Clean & Jerk (since my shoulder issues).

What I’ve learned:

To ‘feel’ like I’m doing steady state work on different modalities, the heart rate range is slightly different. (My max is 196)

SkiErg - 135-145 bpm

Rower - 145-155 bpm

Assault bike - 140-150 bpm

Burpees - 155-165 bpm

Running - 130-140 bpm

I’d hypothesise this is due to the different positions my body is in with each movement.

Bring on week 8

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In July I will be competing at the Rainhill Trials in Manchester; one of the biggest CrossFit competitions in the UK.

Week 8 done!

Deload week - much needed.

Final base block completed.

Thats 2x4 week blocks with a lot of work on cardio and some (not many) metcons.

The next two weeks have a lot more of them in.