Rainhill Trials week 5 recap.

In July I will be competing at the Rainhill Trials in Manchester; one of the biggest CrossFit competitions in the UK.

Week 5 done!

The first week of my next block. Also, the first block to include metcons regularly.

Since competition is getting closer I think its wise to actually start doing some more ‘crossfit’ style training.

E.g. things like:

21-15-9 Ski cals/Handstand pressup.

W/C - 22/04/19

Hardest workout:

Row - 6 x 0.45 / 3.30 rest. Looks simple enough, it was rough. 45 seconds is short enough that you have to sprint, but also long enough that looking at the screen count down it seems to be moving in slow motion.

Most fun workout:

6 rounds: Run 400m, Wall ball x 10 (with a 15kg/33lbs ball to 10’/3m), Double unders x 30.

This felt like a bit of a breakthrough workout, its the first time in a long time I’ve actually felt comfortable running again, no aches, no pains, just out of breath. Until recently on something like this I would’ve had to use the run as more of an active recovery between the other sections, however, I managed to push the pace on the run, do the wall balls in 5’s and do all the double under’s unbroken - FUN!

Biggest mistake :

This week went well, I regret nothing. There was plenty to improve on, as there always will be, but no major mistakes.

Biggest win:

Double unders - Until last week, my best set was 68, I could consistently do 20-30 reps with the occasional big set. This week Tuesday I managed 99 reps, then Saturday morning got 110 for a huge PB. I’ve laid out how I’m progressing most of my skill work below.

Session 1 - OME2M (10.00) - 4x40% (of max reps), 1x AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

Session 2 - OME2M (12.00) - 5x40%, 1xAMRAP

Session 3 - OME1.30M (12.00) - 6x40%, 1xAMRAP

Session 4 - OME1.15M (12.30) - 8x40%, 1xAMRAP

If I have hit a new PB AMRAP set on at least 2/4 sessions, new % are now based on the average of these.

Session 5 - OME1.30M (12.00) - 6.40%, 1xAMRAP

Session 6 - OME1.15M (12.30) - 8x40%, 1xAMRAP

Session 7 - OMEM (12.00) - 11x40%, 1xAMRAP

Session 8 - OME2M (6.00) - 3x40% (Deload)

At this point, there should be a new PB, then I’ll restart based on the new numbers.

I’m working through this progression on lots of movements, some exercises once a week, some up to 4x/week. It seems to work nicely on things where 10+ reps can be done. If the reps are much less than that on a max set, then its likely that top end strength and/or technique are the issue (in my opinion).

What I’ve learned:

Never rest on the ground during a burpee, you’re literally crushing your chest, making it harder to recover.

Bring on week 6

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