Rainhill Trials week 4 recap.

In July I will be competing at the Rainhill Trials in Manchester; one of the biggest CrossFit competitions in the UK.

Week 4 done!

This was a deload week so nothing too exciting. A few tests done and a PB 10 minute assault bike test.

Now this first block is done, I’m making a few changes going forwards.

1) Less strength work, I’m now front squatting twice a week and deadlifting once a week.

2) More metcons.

3) More focused gymnastic skills. (At the moment I can do 10 kipping toes to bar but 15 strict, technique MUST be the limiting factor.)

W/C - 15/04/19

Hardest workout:

4 rounds: Row 25 cals - OHS 45kg x 12 - Row 25 cals - TTB x 12.

Most fun workout:

Weightlifting session midweek, I hit a 81kg snatch from the blocks for a 10kg PB.

Biggest mistake :

I need to tape my first fingers knuckle for long distance ski-ing.

Biggest win:

10 minute assault bike test, I got 9 more calories than I did last month.

What I’ve learned:

Do less training - but better.

Bring on week 5

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