Rainhill Trials week 2 recap.

In July I will be competing at the Rainhill Trials in Manchester; one of the biggest CrossFit competitions in the UK.

This weeks training has essentially just built on week 1.

With the variety of movements that need doing, when selecting them I’ve been asking myself a few questions.

1) Do I need to do it for competition?

2) What is the purpose?

3) Is there something else that would do a better job?

4) Does it transfer to other movements?

5) What cues do I need to remember?

6) What progressions do I need to follow?

7) At what point do I progress/change the movement.

The prompt for these thoughts is twofold. The first part is just to make the most of the training time I have available. The other is that I’ve had some shin splints at the beginning of the week and as such have not done any running or double unders since Monday.

W/C - 01/04/19

Hardest workout:

Strict toes to bar; 50 for time. The actual movement was ok, I started with sets of 10, but my grip became the limiting factor quite quickly.

Most fun workout:

Wall ball - 10 reps. This took 50 attempts to just get 10 reps done, however, its a new movement and so an interesting challenge. Oh - the ball we have is 15kg/33lbs to a 3m/10’ target.

Biggest mistake :

Too much running/double unders early in the week. On Monday I ran around 6 miles worth of intervals and did over 1000 double unders. Perhaps in future I should split these up over the week more…

Biggest win:

18 second static handstand hold (see video above).

What I’ve learned:

Spread out high impact activities (running) over the week, rather than trying to get them over and done with early in the week.

Bring on week 3

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