Rainhill Trials week 12 recap.

In July I will be competing at the Rainhill Trials in Manchester; one of the biggest CrossFit competitions in the UK.

Week 12 done!

This week was an interesting challenge.

On Monday my training went something like…

AM: All good fun.

75 x 15kg wall balls, 60 x thrusters at 45kg, 165 burpees and 400 double unders.

Front squat up to 150kg.

Assault bike: 24’ at 60rpm with a 7 second burst holding 100rpm at minutes 5-10-15-20, not letting the rpm drop below 60 in the ‘rest’.

PM: Productive session.

Handstand hold, accumulate 2 mins. 48 pullups, 48 ghr situps, 48 toes to bar and 48 handstand pressups.

PM (2): This is where it went wrong.

Row 10km. Around 7km in I felt a ‘pop’ in my right quad, I assumed this was cramp as the pain was managable. At the time was holding a steady 2.05/500m pace, so continued and finished the row. I cooled down like normal, the pain in my quad dissapeared, I thought no more of it.

Tuesday - Bruising and swelling around the site where I felt the pain, but not too bad, I managed all of my planned training no problem.

Wednesday - Again, all seemed fine, bruising had gone down, I had forgotten about what had happened on Monday. The final part of the days training was a thruster ladder. In 20 minutes build up in sets of 6 to either a max, or time cap finished, I went 20-25-30-35-40-45-50-55-60-65-70-75-80 for a total of 90 reps, it was only after that session the pain in my quad reappeared.

Thursday - The most painful day, at this point walking was uncomfortable, a full squat not possible.

Friday - Sunday, the pain gradually subsided and now, on Monday I can manage a full deep (bodyweight) squat. Cyclng, rowing and running are out of the question so I will do all my conditioning on the ski-erg until at least next weekend, then hopefully my quad will be recovered enough to gradually start using it again.

Its frustrating being so close to the competition for this to happen, but, on the plus side it will give me more time to spend improving my gymnastics. At some point today I will sit down and move around my training to give my quad the rest it needs moving forwards.

W/C - 10/06/19

Hardest workout:

Row 10km for time - It just hurt the last 3km! (see above). Still managed a PB.

Biggest win:

I hit a comfortable 150kg front squat, the most weight I’ve squatted this year (front or back), its nice to know I can hit almost double bodyweight without doing any heavy lifting. I am looking forwards to some strength blocks after this competition though.

Bring on week 13

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